Views: Dr. Bronner’s Magic

Since the boys are away for the night, I thought I’d “catch up” on my Netflix queue. I have a lot of movies and documentaries in there that I want to watch and I’m pretty much the only one that wants to watch them. Mostly, these are older romantic comedies, but there are a few documentaries too.

So, I’m watching a documentary on Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap.

I use Dr. Bronner’s a lot and have since I was pregnant with my oldest (so over eighteen years)! I absolutely love the smell and the fact that such a small amount lasts and lasts. For a long time, I didn’t realize they now use 100% recycled bottles, use mostly organic ingredients,and give away 70% of profit–but once I found this out, it made me an even bigger fan.

I have read the bottle and it really confuses me still, with all its text and layout issues and obscure references.

I’m not going to deny that I wonder about Dr. Bronner’s sanity, because some of the text sounds like a rant. He was admitted to a mental hospital at one point, but despite that, I admire his fanatical belief in what he believes is true: that we can all to united by one God. He didn’t care what people thought or said about him, he just said what he knew to be true: “We are all brothers and sisters because of one ever loving eternal Father”

This has made me think of all the times that I silence myself–afraid of what people will think or of gaining some disapproval or it just not being the acceptable thing to do. If I am truthful, these things usually don’t matter in the end and the effect usually is just that I end up unhappy with myself.

I’m not saying to disregard the feelings of those closest to me, but some times, especially if its something crucially important to my being, I have to ignore all these things and follow what I know is true and right. This applies to everything, but especially core direction of life and spiritual issues.

My goal is to remember and act on this more. I think good things are afoot.


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