Local Treasures: Mary’s Paleteria

The boys and I wanted some ice cream and even though we live in a fairly large city, there are only a few non-chain options. If you ignore Sonic and DQ, that leaves a frozen yogurt place (which isn’t the same as ice cream) and Mary’s. We had been to the yogurt place recently and to be honest, I was hoping for something a little more economical. The last time we went, we paid about $28. Its a by the ounce place and I’m not sure how many ounces we bought, but let me tell you, a tween boy and a teen boy can put away frozen yogurt!

So, this time, we went to Mary’s Paleteria (601 South Treadaway Boulevard  Abilene, TX 79602). We’ve been here before and I’ve always been impressed, but its one of those places I just forget about. Here are a couple reasons why I love Mary’s:


1. Its just a happy place. The decor and treats are brightly colored and always put me in a happy mood. The employees are incredibly friendly and patient with me as a try to decide, which is something I always value.

2. Its has an incredible amount of choices, flavors, and types of ice cream. There are ice cream bars or just regular ice cream/sundaes and all kinds of drinks. More importantly, especially if you are a tad bit wary of trying a new place, there are old favorite flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla and some unique ones in case you get wild (rum raisin or praline anyone? and yes, they are both awesome flavors).


3. It is very reasonable. We got two small scoops of ice cream (pistachio and cheese) for $4 including tax. These were not small scoops and probably could have been shared if we had been so inclined (we weren’t).

On a side note, I was being wild and tried the cheese ice cream. To answer your question, yes, it was actual cheese and not cream cheese or something like that. At first taste, it was kind of odd. But I started loving the contradictory tastes of something sweet with something kind of salty (If you have ever eaten french fries with a milkshake, you know what I mean). I just fell in love with the taste. I seriously think this is my new favorite ice cream.



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